Interpolate Between Two Mesh

I have two ofxAssimpModelLoader objects each with a different 3D model. I get and set a ref of ofVec3f points for each and try to Lerp between the two. It works very nicely except that the scaling is off. It will transition from the original sized 3D model then to a very large 3D model even though if I just draw the 3D model without trying to Lerp the scale is correct. Any idea what I’m doing wrong here?

void ofApp::interpolateVerts(vector<ofVec3f>& currentMesh, vector<ofVec3f>& previousMesh){
      for(unsigned int i = 0; i < currentMesh.size(); i++){
        ofVec3f from = currentMesh[i];
        ofVec3f to = previousMesh[i];
        ofVec3f result = ofVec3f(ofLerp(from.x, to.x, transition),ofLerp(from.y, to.y, transition),ofLerp(from.z, to.z, transition));
        currentMesh[i] += result;

i think you don’t need to add result to the current mesh vertex but just to make it equal to result as in:

currentMesh[i] = result;