interfaceBuilder UItextField

hello everyone,

i want to read the string from a UItextField object but it doesn’t work. everybody an answer?


What have you tried and exactly what’s not working? Maybe post some code and/or error messages…

Are you using ofxNSStringToString to convert?

this is the code… I have changed different things, but it doesn’t work.

    UITextField * text = sender;  
    // test to read the text input  
    printf("TEXT value is - %i\n", [text value]);  
    // test to read the text input	  
    cout<<"TEXT value is "<<text<<endl;  
    // TEXTstring is declared in testApp.h  
    myApp->TEXTstring = text;  

i need an example!

thanke, paul.

Hi, have you tried using the “text” property of the UiTextField and not the “value” property.

Edit: here you go… here’s an example of the way to do it:

- (IBAction)textFieldDoneEditing:(id)sender {  
	UITextField *userTextField = (UITextField *)sender;  
	NSString *userText = [[NSString alloc] initWithFormat:userTextField.text];  
	textLabel.text = userText;  
	[userText release];  
	[sender resignFirstResponder];  

thank you for the example.