Interested in collaboration for New AR framework for creative techies

Greetings everyone!

My name is Andrew and I am a graduate student at Cornell Tech in NYC. I have been a fan of openframeworks for some time, and I am reaching out to you all because I feel that Augmented Reality is an exciting medium and no framework is available like openframeworks to allow artist and creative coders to push the limit in AR. I am planning to start a year long thesis project, and my goal would be to build an AR framework on Google Cardboard using computer vision and

Would you all be interested in a framework like this? If so, what would you want to build with it? I hope to get some feedback on the possibilities you all want to be able to see, and once I make some progress to be able to collaborate and create some awesome work!

Feel free to ping me here or at my email:

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

I was actually thinking of AR applications, in a creative sense (not restricted to openFrameworks specifically) - I come from a VJ + projection mapping background so thought it might be cool to have an app for the HoloLens which does projection mapping in AR - you know - turn the surfaces around you into screens/planes that react to live to music. That would be something I’d be interested in building, even though I’m a very beginner level programmer and probably WAY out of my expertise at the moment.