Interactive Wall/Floor

I am new to OF, I want to learn to create interactive wall/floor.
Can anyone please guide me on this
Thanks in advance

Hello @Aditya. You need to be more specific. Which kind of interaction? which visuals do you have in mind (if any, as it could also be a kookoo clock banging from the floor when you clap your hand)

Hi @Aditya, on top of what @edapx says, do you have any experience with coding? with c++? or hopefully with openFrameworks? If not you will need to start from the very basics and it will not be a fast road to travel, although a really fun and nurturing one. you should start reading the ofBook


Hi @edapx ,
Thanks for thereply
yes, I want to start from basic interaction like we walking and our foot prints are marked or waving hands and camera view is tracking our position.

Hi @roymacdonald, Thanks for the guidance
I am new to openframeworks, but I have the coding experience on python
and basic experience on c+ + and opencv

Hi @Aditya
As others have said I think your first step should be getting to grips with openframeworks, working through the examples and developing a general workflow. Once of you’ve done that I think your best bet is using a projector and a camera to detect people. I’d recommend using the ofxkinect addon and get your hands on a Microsoft kinect