Interactive wall examples?

Hi all, I looked through the default OF installation examples and cannot find one with the ability to create an interactive wall. For example, if someone stands in front of a wall or touches it, the graphics on the wall would change…

Is there an OF tutorial or basic examples on this? PRocessing doesn’t work for me, constant library errors. I gave up Processing.

Thank you

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It’s a fairly broad question, so I guess here’s a fairly broad answer…
There are several ways to approach this, depending on (among other things) coding skills, and budget.

Cheapest option would be to use something like OpenCV, and a webcam: you could use a feature tracker, or a colour (blob) tracker to get x/y positions, and use that to change anything on screen. You probably already have all the hardware needed, and an example of getting started with colour tracking is included in oF: check the examples/addons/opencvExample

A bit more involved would be using a Kinect to track the body of the person in front of the wall. examples/addons/kinectExample is a good starting point.


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thank you for the reply. Kinect sounds like a good option, thank you for advising.

In my original question by an interactive wall I meant something like a wall in a museum where the visitors stand in front of a wall and move and their movement is seen live on this wall in terms of some effects. I doubt museums have a kinect somewhere in the corner for this purpose? (Or do they?:slight_smile: )

Well, a Kinect is certainly a cheap and viable option and I know museums have used this setup.
There are other (smaller) 3D cameras that might be more appropriate depending on the setting. And of course there are different hardware options, too: IR touch screens with sensors around the edges, or with an IR cam behind a screen. It all depends on time, budget, physical constraints.
For a wall I’d probably go with some sort of 3D camera.

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