Interactive video using Raspberry Pi GPIO pins [BEGINNER]


I’m very new to openFrameworks and am looking for advice on how to create my first project. Ultimately I’d like to create an interactive video that is ran through the Raspberry Pi and uses the GPIO pins to interact with what’s being shown on the video.

I’m imagining this as being a series of video files and on a button press it will load a new video.

There will be two buttons using the Raspberry Pi GPIO Pins: one to play through the playlist of videos and the other to show a live streamed video which will be constantly ran in the background.

By fiddling around with the PiCamera I’d like to include the live streamed video through rtsp.

If anybody has done anything similar with live streamed video or interactive video in the past I’d appreciate your input or pointers.

Thanks in advance!

if you focus all the work on raspberry then it is best to discard an RTSP server …

if your setup is something like this image:

then you just use:

Control video output ofxOMXPlayer

Control camera module output ofxRPiCameraVideoGrabber

to have a simple interface with the GPIO can watch this ofxGPIO

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It’s always good to see new people use OF.

If this is really your first OF project, i would recommend doing all of your testing first on a desktop computer with Linux.
Use your keyboard keys for now instead of GPIO pins. Use a USB camera or build in laptop cam, etc.

I found it still takes a while to compile things on Raspberry PI2. So, you don’t want to have to wait for a new compile for every little change.

I also found the PI2 worked well with a regular USB webcam and the ofVideoGrabber.
To access the GPIO pins i need to use wiringPI:
But if all you need is a couple of button’s it might be easier just to modify a USB mouse and use it’s left and right buttons.

Good luck.