Interactive puppet with oF on Linux

Hi there! I would like to make an interactive puppet using the kinect but running entirely on linux… I’ve found this project ( ) but unity3d is only for macOs-Windows…

any suggestions on software? are there libraries to make it completely inside oF?

Thanks in advance!


OpenNI/Nite skeleton tracking gives you the ability to create interactive puppets out of the box, but its integration in OF is still betaish and kind of difficult on any platform that is not Win (even if, from what I can smell, this should change very soon).

Anyway you can always use the libfreenect based ofxKinect addon: you could segment depth data in order to get a “sensible depth pool” where you would move your body; at this point you’ll have a clean silhouette of your puppeteer that you can use to drive your puppet looking for blob centroids or skeletonizing the silhouette yourself. That’s how theo made his famous bird :slight_smile: