Interactive Projection Mapping over building facade

About a month ago I developed an interactive projection mapping using openFrameworks.
It was projected over the facade of the museum of contemporary art of Santiago, Chile.
It was a game, a sort of Nintendo’s DuckHunt, using a custom built shotgun that housed a wiimote.
Some elements of the game’s scene were mapped into the building.
There also was an iPad with a custom app also built with OF that was used to register the new players and take them a photo.
The wiimote was conected to a linux computer running some custom calibration code, done by my friends of, this processed the wiimote data and generated a TUIO object with the normalized position over the building facade that was being pointed with the shotgun. This TUIO objects were sent to another computer, a MacBookPro, that was running an of app, which was the game engine itself, and the mapping engine as well. This app also received the data from new users and their photo (which was uploaded to this computer from the iPad via FTP).
Finally this was outputted to a Matrox triplehead connected to 3 15000 lumens Sanyo projectors.
This wouldn’t been possible to code in such short time without OF and all it’s really useful addons.
Many thanks to all who contribute to OF.

Here are some videos of it, hope you enjoy:)

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the custom made weapons are absolutely lovely :slight_smile: did you use IR laser?

At first I thought about using an IR laser but it is a bit dangerous. you ca easily burn someones eye and I didn’t want being sued because of it.
I used a wiimote, attached to the front of the weapons. There was a very powerfull IR lamp over the building, which was used as a reference point for the wiimote (just like the vii sensorbar).


it makes sense; I asked about the ir lasers because I’m always scared about being sued too :slight_smile:

This is really cool! Awesome work!!

@Iahiru, many thanks. i really appreciate it.
BTW, the weapon was done with using several layers of lasercut wood sheets. I’ll see if I can get some photos of it. it looked really cool.

Amazing, its so cool to see and interactive projection mapping. Did you build the mapping engine as well?

yes, I built the mapping engine as well. I wasn’t anything sophisticated. Because of the nature of the images, the building architecture and the projectors disposition I just needed to move around the elements and scale them and there was no need to use edge blending.


@roy: Just curious… :slight_smile: how did you spread the projection over three projectors without edge blending?

@lahiru, the projector limits matched some of the buildings edges so edge blending the projectors was senseless.
for splitting the image, everything was rendered to an FBO and then used my glwarper addon to do the quad warping.

Great Job my friend!

It’s an awesome work, Nice job man

Hey, I would be interested to see the code for the wiimote configuration. How was the calibration done?