interactive object GUI example

Recently I completed an example of objects that respond to mouse events. It is
similar to a working version of the activityCentre example, but with as goal to
provide a two dimensional control surface for multiple parameters on touch screens.
The inspiration was the Slice//Jockey application
( and could be used to form the
basis for an openFrameworks GUI for this application.


I will be on vacation the coming weeks, so might be slow in responses.

Fred Jan Kraan

hey fred, unfortunately, your link does not work for me but i think we are working on the same core idea.
please checkout my addon ofxTangibleUI. perhaps we could/should put our heads together.


Hi Felix,

Thank you for your response. I fixed the link in the first post, the page should work now.

I looked at your source, and it looks more advanced than what I had made. As the SliceJockey functionality just requires a fixed set of objects which can be dragged over a canvas, I used the direct event call “pattern” and not the listener approach with registration and call-backs. But as one would at sometime want to store and retrieve a certain configuration, a listener approach might be better suited.

The main issue solved was implementing proper polymorphism and dynamic binding in C++. Coming from a Java background, this took some time to get working. The plan is to add animations to the displayed objects, and an interface with ofxPd.

I tried to compile the examples (command line Linux), but got:

fjkraan@var:~/of_preRelease_v007_linux/apps/examples/fx-lange-ofxTangibleUI-54a8afc/tangibleUIExample$ make  
Makefile:2: ../../../libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/makefileCommon/Makefile.examples: No such file or directory  
make: *** No rule to make target `../../../libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/makefileCommon/Makefile.examples'.  Stop.  

The makefileCommon directory and contents are missing from my ofx 007 package. Did I miss some dependency?

I think his makefile is for OF0071, the current release.

yes the examples are written for OF 0071. have you tried it again with 0071?