Interactive MediaWall at IPG's NYC headquarters

Greetings all -

Proud to announce my latest project: a 6-screen interactive wall in the lobby of IPG’s new office in midtown Manhattan. The app(s) purpose is to show off the high-profile and award-winning work of agencies owned by Interpublic Group, a worldwide company with over 200+ agencies under their umbrella, eg Mullen, Huge, McCann, R/GA, Jack Morton, FRUKT, UM and many others.

A Kinect v2 is mounted under the center screens, sensing when a person has come near. A particle animation then transitions to a navigation of selectable agencies, and once one is selected, shows one or more featured projects by that agency. The work is always displayed as a video above some description of the project.

The 6 screens are run as top/bottom pairs powered by 3 Gigabyte Brix Pro PC’s. A PQ Labs touch frame sits over the center 2. Interaction and navigation is handled in the center, while the screen pairs on the left/right show associated images and logos. The center PC sends commands to the left/right sides with OSC.

Giant thanks as always to the oF community and especially @arturo and @theo for last minute aid with ofDirectShowPlayer. ( I probably shouldn’t be developing this with the non-stable version of 0.9.0, but here we are :wink: )


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Nice work Nick!

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