Interactive Map Table

Hello - we’re looking to develop an interactive map interface for relatively permanent installation at a location near Times Square. We have three large (soon to be) interactive tables that will be the centerpiece of the space.

We’re looking for someone to build out a system that allows visitors to browse around NY and get information about places and events. The functionality will be similar to the new Yahoo local maps - - (click expand map) - but more multitouch.

We’re probably going to use reacTIVision for the sensing, as we need fiducials, but we’re exploring using OF for the interface. We would need some fairly sophisticated mapping abilities, which might mean porting something like Modest Maps to OF, or developing similar functionality. We’re looking to get the development finished before the Fall.

Drop me a line if you’re interested at ian(at) I can send you some detailed specs and designs for the interface as it stands. Thanks.

nice! just wanted to point out this thread:

which is about integrating the reativision tracking directly into OF – if need be. Chris O’shea has been hacking on it and it could be useful for your project. He’s posting it soon and it should be another option for tracking (instead of using OSC, etc)

If you are having touble finding someone PM / email me offline and I can suggest some OF folks I know locally that might be interesting to consider.

take care!

hey heavymeta… I might be able to help you or atleast point you in right direction :slight_smile:

You can mail