Interactive Kaleidoscope Imagery

Here’s a tech example of a project I’ve been working on.

:?: : It uses Openframeworks 006, ofxOpenCV, and ofxXmlSettings. Thanks to the writers of those extensions. All other code is by me. I would post the source code if I wasn’t so embarrassed about its organization. :!: : Posted here are some screens and a tech demo on vimeo. I have plans to sell it to a local art house semi-permanently, so let me know what you think, and if anyone has ideas on how to improve it for public exhibition

Thanks for any replies.

Excellent work, really nice.

Looks very good!

I personally, would love to see the algo behind this, so please submit the code for a kind review.

So I got around to commenting the code and all that good stuff. It’s available as a codeblocks project, but I’m willing to bet that it won’t compile properly, as I have modified my OF Library to a certain extent. But for those who want a peek at the algorithm, here it is, source plus EXE.

Note that I am an amateur programmer, so it will DEFINITELY not be clean. You have been warned.

I haven’t finished my playlist editing program, so it has to be done by hand. The format is easy to grasp, if you look at the file. (bin/data/playlist.xml)

And parameters for all of the available program variables can be found in bin/data/params.xml.

Press F1 for help.

The .zip (69 MB) :

And the reason we have 69 MB here is because the file includes some music, images, and all necessary libs.

Hey there,

yeah your kaleidoscope rocks!
the link to your dropbox seems to be broken, could you refresh it?
that would be totally awesome - thanks!

keep up the good work,


Link works fine for me, but I can post a fresh one if it’s not working elsewhere.


Does anyone know how can I get Gamuza for windows?

Thanks folks!