Interactive Installations by Luxloop, made with OF

Hi Open Frameworks friends!

These are a few months old now, but I’m only now getting around to sharing them. Both of these projects are built entirely in OF, and we owe a huge debt of gratitude in general to this forum. Let me know what you think!

If The Walls Had Eyes is a video projection that is aware of and responds to people in the room. It visualizes and humanizes the multiple pairs of eyes that observe the things we putting out into the world on a daily basis, not only by the people we wish to see our personal content, but the digital eyes that are always watching - the ones we don’t necessarily think about.

We had this installed at CultureHub Refest last fall, and at Select Fair this past May. It uses a kinect for simple blob tracking, ofxAVFVideoPlayer for handling the video, and a custom shader for blending. Each eye is its own instance and can be individually positioned as part of the callibration setup.

Amplified Self is a mirror in which viewers can only see their own reflection if they are willing to call attention to themselves. By yelling, the viewer causes the sound waves rendered on screen to coalesce into an image. The louder the noise, the clearer the image in the audio waveforms, therefore prompting the viewer to balance their desire to see themselves with their aversion to drawing attention to this desire.

This was also at Refest last fall. It uses an optional kinect for background separation but the image is made with a regular webcam and microphone.

Luxloop is a collaboration between me (Ivaylo Getov) and my partner Mandy Mandelstein. We made these pieces as some fun R&D prep for commercial projects, and to practice making code-based projects that are stable and can run for long periods of time.

Thanks for taking a look!


Cool stuff. Thanks for sharing! :smile: