Interactive installation with 89 keyboards


I would like to share the video which shows the installation that I has build for an art exhibition. The exhibition spans two floors. In the “basement” there is a room with 89 NKRO mechanical keyboards connected together to form a giant matrix. Visitors are invited to walk, dance, lie on these keyboards. Data from these keyboards is aggregated via 16-port USB hubs connected to six raspberry computers, which are connected to a network switch. and send on the top floor to a computer running OF application. This application creates a visual map , runs blob detection algorithm and applies bunch of shaders to produce graphics, that you see in video.

There is a pair of 1280x1024 VR googgles connected to the computer that serves as “microscope”, where another visitor can observe the live feed from ground floor. A USB button allows visitors to record a 60-second what they see and this video is stored on the system.

Once recording is complete, it prints a QR code via dedicated barcode printer. Visitors then stick this barcode on the wall next to a 1920x1920 EIZO screeen hanging on the wall. You can take a barcode scanner, scan the sticker with QR code and watch the video. You can also buy those QR codes, in this case they get uploaded to a public server and become ‘valid’.

so in all technology used:


PC with GeForce GTX 980 Ti running OF
2x Eizo 1920x1920 square screens
Trivisio 1280x1024 OLED googles
Zebra ZD410 printer
Zebra scanner

bottom floor:
89 NKRO keyboards
6 USB 3.0 16-port hubs
6 Raspberry PI computers
1 Network switch

making of