Interactive floor like this...Are There suggestions for this?

Hey all,
I’m just trying to do a interactive projection floor for my children’s birthdays.
I’m looking for suggestions how to make the perfect interactive floor.
I already have the projector and I’d like to try using my kinect xbox 360 1473 for this job.
How Can I create step by step …Just remembering I’m begginer.

Hi Paulo,
I´ve made some interactive floors using Openframeworks.

The process its not very difficult :

  1. Grab data from the Kinect.
  2. Set minimum and máximum thresholds. (Checkout ofxKinect exampple for this).
  3. Gran the OpenCv example and use the thresholded image with the contour finder. These will give you the blobs you need. Try using the gui examples so you can play with the parameters of your app like Threshold, Blur, contourFinder minblobSize, maxblobsize, etc.
  4. Once you have the blobs on an array you can use the blobs centro id so you can create a Particle system using those coordinates.

In the reference video every particle has its origin coordiante and if theres a blob position near (lets say 300px) you set a repulsion force for the particles.

Check out “The nature of code” for creating these type of visuals.

Hope it helps.

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Thanks for the response!

I followed a few tips and to be honest I got unsuccessfully.

My nightmare become when I try to negociate blobs centroid with one or more particles.

I can’t see where write correctly on the code.

I will try be clear.

I have an ideia to us to talk the same language. :laughing: Let’s join the opencvExample with this example of repulsion of @lilive How Interact with ContourFinder(Contour detected -OfxOpencv),blobs VS Some kind of objects,like a simple circle or a system particle for instance? .

For example.If I want to tell (order,ask) to the blobs centroid push(repel) a simple circle drwan in the project like lilive vector ball example.

Wich part of the code do I write it?
Like crazy Speaker.----blobs centroid you must be write here on this line.—
----The programmer just wants blobs push(repulsion,repel) a simple circle like a example of repulsion that like the example above.
How Do I write it?