Interactive Fiction on openFrameworks?

Hey all,

I’ve been trying to use openFrameworks to do some interactive fiction.
This is for a project on a portable raspberryPi with a camera module attached. A storybook book where the user creates the images themselves…

In the first iteration of this project, I’ve written all of the functions for the interactive text myself.
This has been quite arduous and it feels like repeating work that I’m sure other people have done!

I know that there are lots of good interactive narrative libraries like Ink ( and fungus ( - although they’re c# and fungus is just for Unity.

Does anyone have any experience of writing interactive fiction in openframeworks?
Are there and addons I could use?
Or does anyone have any general advice for me and others wanting to do interactive fiction in oF?
Is this a part of openFrameworks others would like to extend?

hi @floftus I’ve been working with some students of mine who are re-visiting interactive narrative work - depending on what you want to do there are a range of approaches - a lot will be dependent on what kind of underlying structure you want - they are looking at pre-shot video with branching paths and decision points - though it sounds like you are looking at text - have you seen tools like ? or also there may be things from the ICIDS ( International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling) conference series (papers, workshops and demos) that may spark interest or be helpful - (this is the Utah conf website from 2019)