Interaction between OpenFrameworks and openMax and OpenGL

Hi guys! I’m doing a report for University and I need to explain how OpenFramewoks works with Openmax and openGL has anyone an idea of this?

Hey @martinmenchon sounds like an interesting report – I think if you ask more specific questions, people will be able to be more helpful. Lots of people have experience with openGL on the forum and some of us (particularly @jvcleave) have had lots of experience with Openmax while developing various addons for the Raspberry Pi.

In short openFrameworks wraps a lot of OpenGL to provide an easier API to work with. How it does it depends on the platform.

As for OpenMax, openFrameworks currently doesn’t support this inside the core API but via my addons ofxOMXPlayer and ofxRPiCameraVideoGrabber. OpenMax is really only available on the Raspberry Pi (maybe Android but I haven’t seen it). gStreamer (what OF uses for video on Linux) also has some support for OpenMax on the RPi but you would likely have to set up custom pipelines in order for it to be enabled.

@bakercp @jvcleave Thanks for their answers!
I’m from Argentina and I’m working with RPI and doing a report about RPI Raspicam (using ofxRPiCameraVideoGrabber), openmax and openFrameworks. My teacher wants an explanation about how openFramewokrs and Hardware communicate or work. I think he wants an explanation at hardware level and I know nothing about it, but you guys have given me some ideas to finish the report.

There is a bit more info here

Also check out the links at the bottom of ofxRPiCameraVideoGrabber’s README