Intellisense and 0.06

I had been having major troubles with intellisense in Visual Studio 2008 since updating to the 0.06 libraries. I have discovered that the namespace directive in ofEventUtils.h was somehow confusing the intellisense:

using Poco::delegate;

I removed it and just changed all of the “delegate” references to “POCO::delegate”. Intellisense seems to be back on its feet. Has anyone else run into a similar issue?

Admittedly, I’m not completely up on my namespace theory. Can anyone explain why this should have caused a problem, and was there some other workaround that might have fixed it for me? Would it be worth changing the code base to prevent others from my fate? (I spent hours trying to track this down. At this point, working without intellisense is really paralyzing. Not sure how anyone can work in the processing IDE.)


Hey! Thanks mate for this valuable information! :smiley:
I have been looking for a fix for this problem for a long time.
OF developers be sure to check this fix out for intellisense in VS2008, it works!

hey, i had troubles, too.
but the solution was just to delete the *.ncb file.

edit: but just sometimes and after some coding i have to do it over and over again… :frowning:

:smiley: Thanks a LOT for that fix !
Learning openFrameworks without intellisense is, errrr… dramatic.