Intel RealSense

Is there any support for Intel RealSense right now or will there be any in the future ?

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Has anybody tried the hardware on their machines …?

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The list of feature looks nice, but they’re making it more marketing oriented than tech oriented. I tried the former (2013) sdk and it wasn’t that great. They broke compatibility with their previous release so what I feel when I see that :

  • It doesn’t seem developer friendly
  • They may as well drop support for it next year as they did for the previous one (and therefore people would lose time they invested working with it)
  • Unless there’re some amazing features in it that doesn’t pop up, I don’t see why people would get out of their way to use it (and if they had amazing features, they would probably show them instead of photshoped stock pictures)
  • If you’re lucky someone may wrap a subset of this sdk into an oF addon, but it’s quite likely that you’ll have to do it by yourself
  • The thing is really new, so hoping for an “official support” on a oF side is pretty optimistic

hey @manish - My 2 cents: I got one of the Creative Labs cameras a few months ago, before they changed the SDK name to “RealSense” and it was just as good as a Kinect v1, but designed for closer range.

I reached out to Seth Gibson at Intel about a working example for openFrameworks as the example I found on the Perceptual Computing site had some confusing library linking errors in Visual Studio (which I’ve only just started using when necessary…) He pointed me here: and it worked out of the box.

I agree with @silverbahamut that it’s a lot of marketing at the moment…

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Thanks @nickhubben and @silverbahamut :smiley: