Integration with Ultralight

It seems like Ultralight is the successor of Awesomium?

Seems really interesting and useful for building a HTML UI on top of a C++ app. Has anyone given it a shot together with Openframeworks? Would such an integration be possible?


Hi itzaks,

Wow - this is exactly what I am looking for, too.
The project is still new but looks quite promising. Although I fear I am not pro enough to do it properly , I am on it, I’ll try to get it to run in an openframeworks-App - and I’ll report back!

have a good day all!

Nice. Looking forward to see how it goes. It seems like a great project, since todays html/js-development is really catching speed.

Hi, if it is of any use, there have been some people working with CEF and OF

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Please check this awesome work:
I just managed to get ultralight running thanks to this addon with basic functionalities. (Beginners please check my pull request for some additional remarks in README).