Integrating Spout with oF 0.9+ BUT using msys2 and Makefiles

Hello, I’ve managed to get oF 0.9.8 working on Windows 10 64-bit, writing the code in Qt and compiling using the Make file via PowerShell. I’m now trying to integrate the Spout2 (from this link) library into the oF app. There are already-made examples and addons for this, but all of the working ones are made with VS. For people outside of VS, they offer a library “SpoutLibrary”, it consists of a .dll, a .h and a .lib file. This library even has an example for integrating with oF, but for 0.8.x versions in CodeBlocks (!), so no luck there.

So, everything seems pretty straight forward, and I think I got everything almost ready (copied the CodeBlocks example and put the files in the project folder). But I have no idea how to edit the makefile (or probably the config.make file) in order to compile properly. If I just hit “make”, the process goes fine until it hits the linking stage, there it couldn’t find the first method used from the library in my code:

obj/msys2/Release/src/ofApp.o:ofApp.cpp:(.text+0x2cad): undefined reference to 'GetSpout@0'

Since I didn’t touch anything in the makefile side of the project, I assume that it probably has to do with the lack of instructions about how to link the library. Any clues regarding that are really appreciated; I don’t need fancy automated library finding, so if there is a noob-friendly-copy-the-library-on-every-project-(thus-defeating-the-purpose-of-a-library) way, I’m totally fine with that :wink: