Integrating Leap Motion SDK 2.0 w/ OF

Hello everyone.

So I am working on a Leap Motion project and integrating OpenFrameworks for the graphical interface. Currently, I am using the sample project in Visual Studio 2012 for OpenFrameworks and I am having trouble integrating Leap.h into the project itself. I know that I need to change the Linker (General,Input) settings but I am unsure of how the values need to be written in addition to the OF settings.

The problem is, I am not sure of where to put “Leap.h” into the Visual Studio 2012 Project. Would someone be able to shed some light on this? Are there any resources online to help with this?


Hello amatos,
There is an OF addon that supports the Leap Motion SDK 2 [here][1].
Otherwise there is Theo addon in [here][2].

Both should have examples to help you set up your project.
Hope it helps.

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Wow thank you for the speedy reply! I am going to try this right now! Thank you for making my first experience on the forums awesome.

Looking at the github project, I see that it is for a XCODE project. Is there one with a project for Visual Studio 2012? Or is there an easy to way to translate from one to the other?

I believe it should work on Windows as well. You can use the project generator to translate the project to VS2012.

answering your original question, you can add “Leap.h” (from your Leap Motion SDK) to the Additional Include Directories in your Project Properties.

it’s in Project Properties (bottom of Project menu) >> C/C++ >> General.
you should see Additional Include Directories at the top of the tab.

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