Integrating iAd?

I almost feel dirty even thinking about this, but does anyone have an idea on how I might integrate iAds to an oF app? I’m not big on Obj-C & Cocoa so I’m struggling.

I’ve tried to add the iAd banner view both as a subview to the glView and as a subview to the window in the default.png fading code, and neither works, I get a crash as soon as I attempt adding the subview. (Debugging is proving impossible too because I’m getting the “The-program-being-debugged-is-not-being-run” problem, unrelated to adding the iAd stuff)


Okay, solved my debugging problem (entitlements issue) and that allowed me to find out why the iAd stuff was crashing - I guess you can only add the banner to a view controlled by a UIViewController. That gives me a clearer idea of where to head, though I think I’ll drop it for the current project.

This actually turned out to be pretty simple once I looked at the iPhoneGuiExample in iPhoneSpecificExamples. The only snag is making sure the oF view still gets touches, but making the ad view controller transparent solved that fine.