Integrate timeline/vectorial animations

Hi guys,

I was wondering if any of you has used timeline/vectorial/youknowwhatimean animations in an oF project. Think of stuff like a flash animated character or some sort of animation loop.

I’ve been searching the forum a little bit to find an answer and it feels like using videos with alpha channels is the way to go. (link, link)

I was wondering if that is right and, if so, whether using several at the same time 10?20?40? is not a problem for oF in terms of performance.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi ozke,

with Adobe AIR i’ve been able to have an AIR app working on top of an openframeworks application. This AIR app is in a transparent window, with alpha enabled, so I can see the flash animations over the openFrameworks window. I can use then all the power of openFrameworks for the heavy stuff as video tracking or particles or 3d and all the power of Flash too: loading swfs straight away, moving through the timeline, etc.

I’m using a third application to control Flash and oF, but you could use a TCP server using ofxTCPServer to command this AIR application from oF.

If you are planning just playing an animation this is maybe too much, as it implies having both app running, but if you want to get the whole power of both frameworks, this is the best solution i’ve found.

Hi Javi,

If feels like it´s a expensive solution in terms of performance but is really good to know the option is there. I might give it a try.

Thanks for your help.

If this is still active…

I’m currently doing the same but I use UDP, wich can be done directly from AIR now and that is like superfast and not as heavy as TCP…


It would be an amazing tool.
Maybe you this can help you get in the right direction:
It´s a timeline for processing.