Int type function returning a value to the Graphic screen

Lets say i have a function called
Int Total();
that returns an integer value.
What draw function can I use to display the return value to the Graphic screen, in a font of my choosing?

you can check examples/graphics/fontsExample to see how to use the font of your choosing.

you can us ofToString(myInteger) to convert a number to a string.

hope that helps

|error: invalid conversion from ‘char’ to ‘const char*’ [-fpermissive]|

int testing = Pile_counter(Pile); //tired storing the total in a variable
ofToString(testing); // conversion as you stated
pilefont.drawString("Pile total: ", 570,200); // this works
pilefont.drawString(testing, 570,260); //this does not work, error here

this works for me:

This is kind of hard to follow since I’m relatively new…
But isn’t there a way to do this
int x = 99;

SomeFunctionThatPrintsintergers(x, x_coordinate, y_coordinate);

The simplest way to draw that would be this line:

ofDrawBitmapString(ofToString(x), 500, 500, 0);

Where 500, 500, and 0 are the x, y, and z coordinates to draw it respectively. If you need to use a specific font, you can do this instead:


ofTrueTypeFont font;
int x;


void ofApp::setup(){

    //This will load whatever font you want and set its size. Make sure you have the font file in
    //your project's bin/data folder (for example, 

    font.loadFont ("verdana.ttf", 32);
    x = 99;

void ofApp::draw(){
    font.drawString (ofToString(x), 500, 500);

Your issue is in the second line. You need to assign that value to a string variable, like

string testString = ofToString(testing);

and then use that in the drawString function

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Thanks a bunch this really helped