Instructions/Documentation needs to be updated

The instructions on installing the Xcode command line tool needs to be updated -

It currently reads:

“To install the command line tools, first finish installing Xcode then open up a terminal (you can find it at Applications/Utilities/, type the following and hit enter:
xcode-select --install
This should prompt you to install the command line tools. Select “Install” to begin the process.”

However this brings up an error of “Can’t download… network problem”. This is apparently due to the fact that the command line tool is no longer available via xcode. The solution is noted below. To save anyone else the hassle, the documentation should be updated.

Thanks for bringing this up, if you have a GitHub account, an issue or pull request on the openframeworks/ofSite project would greatly help. The file in question appears to be setup/xcode/index.html.mako.