Instant skeleton tracking possible ? (without calibration)


For an interactive installation I need to track users with instant responsiveness and I cannot afford to have the subjects hold still/walk around/strike a pose to start tracking their skeletons. So I was thinking of some kind of blob detection to track the users’ positions. Anyone else confronted to this problem before ?

Thanks in advance


Depends on what route you take in terms of device, OS and drivers.

ofxOpenNI should support auto-calibration (without user having to take psi-pose), although I didn’t use it yet. Check the method getAutoUserCalibrationPossible()

Also ofxKinectNUI (for Kinect for Windows, thus Win only) directly recognises user and starts feeding skeleton data. I use this addon all the time and it works perfect.


Grtz, V

hey VJacobs,

Thanks for the advice.

OpenNI is good. But the auto-calibrated skeleton tracking with it is not instant, there is some delay for the library to recognize people. Depending on the camera setup it can struggle for a while before coming up with a skeleton.

ofxKinectNUI sounds good but I haven’t used it and don’t have a Kinect (yet?). Is there really no auto-calibration delay at all ?


it recognizes users really fast and stable. The delay is negligible…

Best, V

Thank you Vjacobs, will try this.