Installing OpenNI (Windows for Visual Studio)


I started to use openFrameworks some weeks ago and I’ve been following Chris Yang’s “Mastering openFrameworks - Creative Coding Demystified” and I got to the chapter where I must install the OpenNI addon.

The problem is that the links provided at:, for installing OpenNI and NITE are down.
How can I properly install OpenNI and NITE?

Also, I’m using Visual Studio Express 2012 in a Windows machine. Is this a good idea, compatibility-wise, or should I use VS 2010?

I’m doing this because I’m working on my Computer Science Msc thesis whichs consists on creating a software for procedural graphics and sound generation using Kinect (in the ocntext of an interactive dance performance)
So this is really important and I’ve been hiting my head against the wall in the past 5 days.

I’d really appreciate any help

Thank you!

hi, ofxOpenNi is quite old. It is built uppon openNi v1 while v2 is better. ofxNi uses v2. Further, try using the addons that use the microsoft sdk. You should find all these and more at
If you just need to use the camera feed without skeleton detection/tracking just go for ofxKinect, that’s bundled with the openframeworks download.


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Thanks for the response!

Actually I need to use the camera feed with skeleton detection since I’m creating an interactive particle system.
I already installed OpenNI2 and NiTE2 and I can run the sample code.

However when I tried to create a new openFrameworks project form emptyExample and link and include all the OpenNI2 and NiTE2 stuff it crashes on startup becasue of “ntdll.dll”.
The code from that project is the same from the hand tracking sample project! Except that I draw an ofCircle on the position of the hand.
Maybe I’m missing something…you have any idea?

I really need to create a project that uses OF + OPENNI 2 + NITE 2.
You know waht’s the best way to do that?