Installing OpenCV Visual Studio

I was trying to install the OpenCV addon reading the “steps_visualStudio.txt” file but I can´t understand this step:

**** now, for the next step, we will do this individually, for debug and release ****
(see step h, choose debug, and then release -
note: the reason for this is the OF debug links to a debug version of
rtAudio, and the release version links to a release version of that
lib, so the lists of actaul libs are different between releases)

!!! please be careful with this step, because if you alter them for both configurations
you can clober all libs that are linked very easily, and you will have alot of trouble!!!
do it for debug and then release and you should be fine!

add to that list:

Please can somebody explaing it to me?


Hi Diego,

You have to select “Debug” from the drop down at the top of the properties window and do the changes, then select “Release” and do the same again.


Thanks for the help
what I did is to add

to the
linker/Input/Additional Dependencies list

I think it was so so clear in the txt file.

in debug and release mode



there are images in a folder you downloaded that accompany each step (they are named a.gif, b.gif, etc, since it’s not always the easiest to write instructions for setting up compilers) - please take a look at the images for some more clarification. If, after seeing the pictures, there is a step that doesn’t make sense, please let us know!

Also, if there are differences across versions of visual studio, we’d be happy to learn about them.

We will integrate the images and text into short guide (ie, html or pdf) soon.


take care,