Installing ofxOpenCv addon with RPi project

Hey all,

I am attempting add the ofxOpenCv addon to my RPi project.

Specifically, I am using jcleaves raspberry pi camera example (not usb cam example)from the CMU workshop module to run a simple face tracker. When I compile, it shoots a bunch of opencv related errors. I’ve narrowed it down to the search path of the .h files incorrectly referenced. When I attempted to adjust my sketches make.config with the opencv path in the addons folder, I still am receiving these errors. Note* I copied the ofxOpenCv folder to my sketches adding folder. Not too sure what I am over seeing.


Edit: To use an OF core addon (like ofxOpenCv) you just need to have a file called addons.make that has the name of the addon (one per line)

Take a look at this similar thread and see if that helps


Ah! Let me test it out. and ill report back. I’ll also check out the .cpp file for the face tracker portrait project.Report soon.