Installing OF

Newbie McNewb here.
I’m installing OF with Code Blocks on Windows.
I’ve installed Code Blocks with Ming (whatever that is)
I’ve downloaded and appropriately placed the OF “additions”
I’ve downloaded OF “FAT” for my compiler
But the setup guides don’t tell me where to put the contents of the OF zipfile.
Is that because I can put it anywhere? Where do most people put it? C:\ ?
Similarly, should I make a projects folder someplace and …put my personal stuff there?
It feels like the setup isn’t quite idiot proof. :slight_smile:
Maybe there’s a school tutorial sheet someplace that would be a help.
Thanks if you can help me.

its the gnu compiler for windows.


make a new folder in openframeworks/apps/. for example:
then copy an example project in it and start hacking! :slight_smile: