Installing oF in Visual Studio 2010 - Help

I have been trying to install oF into Visual Studio 2010 for the past week, and I am still not getting anywhere.
I am currently using Windows 7 Professional.

I think I might be doing something wrong with my sub-directories because it is giving me this error:

I am not sure if installing opencv into Visual Studio 2010 would prevent me from installing oF, because I recently did that. But even before I installed opencv, I was still receiving compile errors and such when I was trying to install oF.


First, be sure to have the latest version of Visual Studio 2010 (specially Service Pack 1) => check updates in options and apply them.
Also, rename of_v0.7.4_vs2010_release folder to something else clearer without “special” characters (for example openFramewoks).

When you build and debug VS is configured to look in the $(ProjectDir) for the .exe it actually exists in the $(TargetDir). If you open the solution and right-click the solution name and go to properties. Select “All configurations” in the top left drop down then go to Configuration Properties -> Debugging - and then change “Working Directory” to $(TargetDir) from $(ProjectDir) you will be able to build and debug

Also check this thread for other potential annoyances for VS2010 & OF