Installing library correctly?


I think I am doing something wrong with installing lib.

I downloaded ofxAlembic and copied ‘libs’ folder and ‘src’ in addons folder.
Example folders in myApps folder.

It seems like it is not working.
It says it cannot find the ofxAlembic.h.

Other addons that I installed for instance LeapMotion worked great.

What could go wrong?

The projecGenerator should be able to add addons to existing projects. Else you could create a new project which uses that addon. Even though, some addons are not properly prepared to work with the projectGenerator. In that case you need to include the source files and link the libraries from your developing platform.

Somehow, the library is not loaded properly for the example scene.
projecGenerator with addon setting seems to work great though…

I think minimally, you need:
Header Search Paths:

But adding with the Project Generator is the better way. Then copying in the testApp code from the example.

If it helps, I had trouble with exporting meshes with normals from Maya. I setup a test project that might be helpful.

I use my fork of ofxalembic. (which is just an earlier version. The most recent has debug code that slows down rendering).


Yeah, I ended up using Project Generator with addons setup for the lib and copied the src files into the generated project.

Thank you!

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