installing codeblocks 8.02 binary in Ubuntu 7.10 gutsy

These instructions provide a simple way to install the official codeblocks 8.02 binary packages for Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy.

In the command line do the following:

mkdir codeblocks_8.02_deb_files  
cd codeblocks_8.02_deb_files  
wget [](  
tar -xvzf codeblocks_8.02-0ubuntu1.deb.tar.gz  
sudo dpkg -i *.deb  

Alternatively you can use the ingenious shell script included in the OF 0.05 release.

sudo sh  

This script will add the unofficial codeblocks repository ( to your sources list and will download their newest packages. Those packages are updated periodically from the official codeblocks SVN so are likely to be more current.

I tried both options for installing codeblocks with the new OF 0.05 examples and found both to be working perfectly. The post build options seem to be working fine.
The launch nautilus and runOnBuild hacks are awesome by the way!

Thank you! Works for me!