Installing add-on and trying example on mac...


I’m a very new to OF, just tried some examples, that’s it…I’ve downloaded MSAPhysics library and want to compile and run the example on mac, using Xcode. There is no xcode project included. What shall i do to make it? I was trying to find info on adding…hm…add-on’s :slight_smile: on mac, but no luck, there is something 'bout “little blue folder”, have no idea what they talking about…

Thank you very much!

hey Nbveh,

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I’m also trying to install MSAPhysics (v2.0.1) and wondering if someone might be able to help me dubug the errors I’m getting, which are primarily along the lines of:

error: no match for ‘operator@’ in…

where @ is a mathematical or logical operator (-,*,+=,-=,==, *=). These errors are showing up in the .h files for Attraction, Collision, Constraint and Spring, and the .cpp files for Particle, Physics and PhysicsUtils.

I’m also getting another (seemingly unrelated) error,

‘ofMap’ was not declared in this scope

I’m still using OF_v0.05 - might this be part of the problem (haven’t been able to find ofMap as part of the v5 Math or Utils libraries)? Any help would be immensely appreciated. Thanks.

[quote author=“zach”]hey Nbveh,

quickly, if you can, try not to double post:

and will see your post, it’s just trickier if you post in multiple places to follow the conversation…

thanks much !!

Sorry! It was stupid idea,but you know, some forums not so active may be, and if you need some information, you doing it like this…


I don’t know…may be i’m asking question too stupid even for beginner…? But seriously, is there a way to get add-on’s to work on mac?

Thank you!

hey Nbveh,

sure there is. i haven’t used ofxMSAPhysics, but usually is just a matter of dragging the addon src (and libs, if it has some) folder to the project in the xcode ide and little else. are you doing that? maybe you can post an screenshot so we can now what might be wrong?

@gneumatic. ofMap is indeed not in 0.05. if you want to stay with 0.05 you can search on the forums for that method, but i’d say upgrade to 0.06, which is 0.01 better :slight_smile:

Hi Nbveh, what you should do is:

  • duplicate an existing project folder
  • overwrite the testApp.cpp and testApp.h with the ones from inside ofxMSAPhysics/examples/src
  • open the new project
  • drag the ofxMSAPhysics folder from finder into your xcode project (the tree on the left). Theoretically you can place it anywhere in the project tree, but best to place it in your addons folder to keep it clean. I can’t remember the options you get when you do that, but off the top of my head you should leave it at default (do NOT copy the files to the source folder, and of the two option boxes have the top option checked and not the second one).
  • AN IMPORTANT STEP: open the ofxMSAPhysics folder in your xcode project tree, and DELETE the examples folder (NOT from the disk, only from the project) - if you do not do this, it won’t compile.

jesusgollonet is totally right. You need 006. Not only for ofMap, but also ofxMSAPhysics uses ofPoint and ofPoint arithmetic which was introduced in 006 (prior to that it was only in the ofxVectorMath addon).

hope that helps

@jesusgollonet & @memo - thanks so much for the responses! I am relatively new to programming (have been learning Processing and AS3 over the past year), and a total C++ n00b, so I apologize if many of my questions don’t quite make sense (still adjusting to Xcode as well). In any case, appreciate the tips and looking forward to experimenting with MSAPhysics!

And, if I may, one additional question, which may also be relevant to @Nbveh: Is it necessary to add

//-------------------------------------------- ofxMyAddon  
#include "ofxMyAddOn.h"  

to the ofAddOns.h file and


to the testApp.h file if they aren’t already there? Is this just a v05 thing, or is it addon-specific? Thanks again,


@gneumatic. the #ifdef thing was a 0.05 thing so you dn’t have to do it anymore, as far as I know.


#include "ofxMSAPhysics.h"  

in the class you want to use it.