Installed OF Eclipse-Android, only bugs while building projects. Help!


Just installed OF with eclipse for Android on my Ubuntu 12.04 and it does not stop giving error messages while trying to change/build separate projects.

When I restart eclipse, it builds everything up and there are almost no bugs (except 2 bugs in EmptyExample). I can run the example projects on my Android device (except Empty Example, which gives some strange “make AndroidRelease” error with “make libs/armeabi/” error).

But as soon as I start editing any of the example files (e.g. androidImageExample etc.) it shows me bugs like “method loadImage could not be resolved”, "function ofBackground could not be resolved".
It is the same while trying to edit any projects.

For emptyExample I found solution from this forum (changed the C/C++ settings binary parser to GNU Elf parser instead Elf Parser. But it works only for emptyExample.

Tried also some other suggestions I found this forum but it does not seem to help. Only when I restart the eclipse, it seems to fix the problem.

Anyone has an idea how to fix it?

I have this problem too
it seems eclipse bug

I would restart eclipse and clean and rebuild project

so far I dont edit the source at Eclipse but other editor

hope this help

I decided to switch to Java instead C++.
Thanks anyway. :slight_smile: