Installation question: Visual Studio takes far too much space

This is my very first time using openframeworks. I want to use it for making apps based on my Pure Data patches. I have years of experience coding music in pD, Max, Supercollider and others, and know basic programming in Java and C++. I am sitting with setting up openframeworks - I could not get qT or msys2 to work, so I picked Visual Studio. But the installation is massive.
In the install guide here, it’s under 3GB:

However, when I went to install with the components specified above, my installation of Visual Studio ends up being 18GB. This is too much for me. I am an individual developer with just one laptop. Is there any way I can reduce the space Visual Studio is taking that allows me to use openframeworks for my purpose, which is creating apps based on pure data patches?

Thanks a bunch!

you can use Visual studio Code it will be simple and less heavy on your machine