Installation Photography documentation

Hello Guys,

I have a pretty broad question regarding the photographic documentation of installations inside museums or other similar venues.

Assuming that it’s mostly fairly dark and you want to capture a installation with people using it from a rather short distance, which lenses do you think are best?

From your experience, what are you using, what gave the best results?
I mostly used rather wide angle lenses on my canon 5d.


I think any bright lens together with a tripod or a stabilizer, could do the job; personally I like shorter focal lenghts (like the 18-55 that came with my 400d kit) for indoors + some action, but it’s personal taste.

35/f2 is my weapon of choice. with a 50, 135 and a zoom that I bring but usually stay in the bag. Honestly though, so long as the install involves projections or screens it’s never -that- dark. bigger challenges are balancing some ambient light with the projection, accounting for quickly changing levels of brightness (especially so for video doc), and avoiding weird banding or moire effects from projectors/LEDs etc.