Installation issues - complete noob

Okay I know I’m trying to walk before I can run, but I want to be able to cross compile to RPi and play with openCV.

As a first project, I know that’s a little ambitious, however I have a specific project in mind and want to start learning the right tools for the project I have in mind later on. openFrameworks seems to be the right thing, but I can’t even install it on my Pi.

I used the instructions here but almost every stage has been met with problems. The Pi, while happily connected to the internet, doesn’t seem to download the files. It thinks it’s downloaded a HTML file, not a tar gz archive, so it won’t unzip it: > curl -O

So I DL’ed it on a different machine, unzipped it and SSH’ed it onto the pi. Of course this removes the command line arguments from the original terminal command; > tar vxfz of_v0.8.0_linuxarmv6l_release.tar.gz -C openFrameworks --strip-components 1

Then the next bit; > cd /home/pi/openFrameworks/scripts/linux/debian_armv6l

#<okay, no problem there>

sudo ./

But this last line is where the wheels finally fall off. They won’t install.I just get ‘command not found’. I know I’m such a noob, but I thought the install process would at least be a little easier than this.

I believe all the paths are correct from the install tutorial, so I don’t know if I need to install something else to my Pi to make the dependencies command work, or what.

Many thanks


hi @Stonius which os are you using? Wheezy or another? if you

sudo apt-get update

what you get in a console?

Thanks for the reply,

Yes, I’m in wheezy on type B board, SSH in using putty from windows 7 64 machine.

When I update I get a list of URLs, some of which are hit, some are ignore (about 60/40%). At the end it says ‘reading package lists…done’ then returns me to the prompt.

Does that help?



BTW, I’ve updated/upgraded several times in the past too. Do you need to do each time after you install a new package, or just every few months or so?

At least we know apt-get is working, but maybe it is simple: for some unknown reasons is not executable, you can make it executable with chmod.

it should be:

chmod +x

That was it! You rock, Kalwalt!



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Nice that it does the job, sometimes this happens to me too! i usually check the scripts before to run them…