Install QT creator for linux problem

I have an issue with installing qt creator OF template in ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
After installing qt creator 4.1.0 and OF 0.9.8, I’m stuck with QT plugin for openFrameworks.
‘’ seems not working here.

bong@bong-UDOO-x86:~/OF/scripts/qtcreator$ sudo ./
[sudo] password for bong:
./ 7: ./ Bad substitution

I can’t find any solution about it in this forum but find a same issue here.

How can I solve this?
Any solution would be so helpful.

I did install OF by following order.
1.Install dependencies.
2.Install codecs.

can you edit the script and in the first line add:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

Thank you Arturo!

It worked perfectly, and now I can build and run OF in qt creator.
I really appreciate!