Install extension on Visual Studio 2019

I am trying to install the extension in Visual Studio. But the extension manager does not find it, online. Could you tell me the way ?. I work with the most recent version of Visual Studio, 2019. Thank you very much.

the OF extension is only compatible with vs2017 not 2019. OF itself is also only officially supported on vs2017 right now although it might work with 2019 but it’s not tested. if you want to work with 2019 you can try to use the project generator instead of the vs extension

thank you.
It has worked. I will set the steps in case someone else needs them.

  1. Download

  2. Unzip in your Documents folder (or wherever you want).

  3. Enter the folder and then on the folder projectGenerator-vs and run the generato(projectGenerator.exe)r.

  4. Complete the form (check well where you will save it).

  5. Open Visual Studio.

  6. Click on open project or solution..

  7. Go to the folder where you generated the project.

  8. and select the file (project_name) of Type: Vcxprog file.

  9. Then you will be asked to use an earlier version of some libraries. Only accept.


should you then start the program with x32 or x64 debugger. I am new to Visual Studio …