install addon documentation


have searched the forum and checked the vimeo clip


is not really clear at all how you install an addon

  • in this case ofx3DUtils using xcode

& incidently will this work on iphone

maybe a few sentences of which bits go where & what buttons to press…




not very much the wiser

install ofxMSAShape3D

in Xcode

addons folder selected in Groups & Files

Project Menu:

Add to Project


Copy items

Reference Type: Default

Text Encoding: UTF-8

Recursively created groups for any added folders

Add To Targets - app ticked

this sticks the addon in addon folder
deleted examples

Bulld Menu:

Clean All Targets

add include statement

Compiles without error & iphone simulator runs

do same with ofx3DUtils - 242 errors

I realise that the smart people who’ve built all this stuff have day jobs etc
but some of the advertised documentation - just very basic info would be much appreciated


I found this thread to be really helpful. I am using Code::Blocks

Good Luck