Instagram Filters


I am interested in creating creative Instagram filters.

Has anyone had any success uploading an openframeworks AR filter to instagram?

Just so you don’t waste your time, something like that wouldn’t be possible, your only option for making Instagram filters is to use Spark Studio.

The system within the within Instagram(and Facebook too) is specifically tailored for use with the in-house engine that powers AR Studio. Not to mention the upload site also only accepts the file formats output by Spark.

*source: me - I’m doing some contract work with them at the moment.

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@sortofsleepy thanks! Super appreciate it.

Not your question… Anyway
There’s some alternatives to instagram-like filters:
This one is faster as uses the GPU. The LUT file must be .png, not the “standar” .cube ones.

Example using CPU:

@moebiussurfing Thanks. @sortofsleepy I read it was possible to connect an IG Filter to an external to pass data and objects. Have you had experience with this?

While this was built-in in the past, for the time being, grabbing external content is not possible. I unfortunately can’t give you a more specific timeline as to when this will work again.

You can read more the networking capabilities here

@sortofsleepy thanks. Sounds like the Network capabilities are out of commission too for now. Do you have any insider insight on this?

…Sounds like the Network capabilities are out of commission too for now

I’m not sure what you were talking about now? The networking module was always the only way to get external content into a filter without baking it into the effect beforehand. What were you reading about exactly?

Like I said, I can’t give you a timeline as to when this will be available for third party developers.

I was referring to the “DeepLinkModule”. It says an external app can send values to an effect. Are you familiar? @sortofsleepy

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That’s different and not in relation to your original question. Essentially a deep link is designed to pass information in one direction just one time, the same as any deep link on the web , for example, a Spotify link wanting to open a track within Spotify.

To add to this, while I have not examined the code behind the functionality, I’m reasonably certain you could not stream a large amount of data anyways; this is really intended for small chunks of information.

Again, you cannot make an Instagram / Facebook Camera filter with oF unfortunately. Believe me, if it were possible I’d be doing it already for work.

@sort_of_sleepy thanks!

Bro, Instagram filters are not so relevant right now. Now most people use tik tok.