Input/Output SoundStream


I’m a new user of Of on Windows (visual basic). I’ve been working on this for hours (audioInput, audioOutput, I’ve downloaded the Maximilian lib)… unsuccessfuly.

I would like to create animations based on real time music (DJ): is there a way to use the sound of my computer directly through my soundcard ? To use my speakers (for instance “Realtek HD Audio”) as input for Of (even if they are normally considered as output) ?

In a sense, the goal is not to use the microphone as input, but to “catch” the sound just before it goes out to the speakers…

I hope I was clear enough.
Thank you very much !


There may be a better way of doing this but on the Mac I use Audio Hijack for this. Searching for a Windows equivalent may help you out. Quick search turned up this:

Hi jvcleave,

Thx for your response ! Very instructive.