Input on saving high resolution images / screengrabs

I am using ofSaveScreen to capture images of generated graphics. This works well, but if my window is partially offscreen, ofSaveScreen will only capture the part that is visible (I am making my window really larger to capture higher rez images).

Couple of questions:

  1. Is there a way to get it to capture entire screen, even the part not visible?
  2. Is there a better way to capture the screen when its partially off screen?
  3. Is there an alternative solution to capture high rez images? perhaps render in larger area, scale down, then capture?
  4. Does the vector output work with opengl calls? does it support transparency?

Ive done some searching and found some info, but a lot of it looks like it is out of date.




You can draw to an ofFbo, this can be any size you like up to the limit set by your card, prob 8k or 16k. You can then read an ofFbo to an ofPixels object, which you can use to set the pixels of an ofImage that you then save (or maybe you can even save the ofPixels straight away)

ahh, thanks. This includes ofVboMesh? How do I get the pixels from the vbo? (I dont see any obvious getPixels() calls).

If I draw to it, and the scale it down,do I lose pixels?

Thanks for the help…



I’m thinking you mean an ofFbo? An ofVboMesh is for holding and drawing vertices.

There was a question earlier that I think will solve your problem:

And the doc page for ofFbo with some examples: