inline method

I understand the use of inline a litle. But i have some questions about it.
Let’s say i have a class ofxTangibleFinder and i call getMinWidth().
If it’s called in ofxTangibleFinder then it’s no problem.
But what if i call it from testApp.cpp? _minWidth is private.
Or does it use the method declared then instead of the inline variant?

class ofxTangibleFinder {  
    int _minWidth;  
    int _minHeight;  
    int _maxWidth;  
    int _maxHeight;  
    // can those be inline methods?  
    void setMinWidth(int w) { _minWidth = w;}  
    void setMinHeight(int h) { _minHeight = h;}  
    void setMaxWidth(int w) { _maxWidth = w;}  
    void setMaxHeight(int h) { _maxHeight = h;}  
    inline int getMinWidth() { return _minWidth; }  
    inline int getMinHeight() { return _minHeight; }  
    inline int getMaxWidth() { return _maxWidth; }  
    inline int getMaxHeight() { return _maxHeight; }  

as long as the implementation is in the .h it doesn’t matter if the variables or methods are private. the access level, private, protected, public, it’s just an OO abstraction but once the code is compiled the compiler don’t have such restrictions so it doesn’t matter if a variable that you are accessing from an inline method is private