Infrared remote control for OSX

Access a remote control on OSX in your oF app. Pretty simple. Uses HIDRemote (

background story:

I’m making a presentation and I thought instead of making a power point presentation I’d just make an OF app instead of a powerpoint so I could actually do some stuff in my presentation without having to startup apps separately. Then I thought: well, I wouldn’t be able to click through slides with my remote control and I like to do that so I can walk around a little, I’d better get my remote control working in oF.

hi joshua,

sounds like a neat little addon.
having some problems compiling, anything else i need apart from the source you’ve provided?

here is the error,

Undefined symbols:  
  "_IORegistryEntryFromPath", referenced from:  
      -[HIDRemote startRemoteControl:] in HIDRemote.o  
  "_objc_msgSend", referenced from:  
      +[HIDRemote sharedHIDRemote] in HIDRemote.o  
      +[HIDRemote sharedHIDRemote] in HIDRemote.o  
      -[HIDRemote init] in HIDRemote.o  

im on snow leopard.


Odd, looks like the IOKit library isn’t getting linked in. That’s included in the xcode OF apps, so I’m not sure why it’s not getting included. The other one is apparently from libobjc.dyld. You shouldn’t need anything more than just the two HIDRemote files.

ah yes, i was compiling in OF 0.06 which isn’t using,


after adding the frameworks its working fine.
works out of the box on OF 0.061


Ancient topic I know, but is that attachment still available? It takes me to an error page.

I am looking to use an IR Remote on OSX with OF and this would be very useful. Or is there a more recent way? I can’t find anything in the docs.