Industrial Robot

Hi of people

Me and Mads Høbye (and other people from are working on getting a 30 year old industrial robot to live again for an exhibition, and i just want to share some tests of what we can do with it… We have now mannaged to make it follow a face with a webcam attaced to the hand of the arm. All the controlling of the robot, and tracking of the head is done in oF… Then a third guy has made an awesome job making the hardware controls with a mixture of original hardware (30 years old) and 6 arduinos.

You will see much more from this project in the future :slight_smile: And if people are interested i can release my ofxIndustrialRobot addon (that can be used for any 5 axis robot arm).


I want to see it.
Any video?

Doh… Forgot to put the video in… haha… Here it is :smiley: