Increase kinect view distance

Not really OF related but since there is alot of people here working with the kinect I thought someone might be able to help.

What I need to do is increase the detection range of the kinect. I’m working on an installation where the it needs to be about 6m back from where people will be standing and it would be great if I could zoom in somehow as this is near the threshold of the kinects view distance.

Basically I need the opposite of one of these

Any ideas?

Are you tied to a kinect ? According to this article ( ) the max range would be around 4.5m. You could try the Panasonic DImager 3104 ( ) but the feed is a great deal noisier than the kinect’s, however it will work higher ambient light levels.

The Panasonic D-Imager could work but i’m alittle concerned about its 160 x 120 resolution, also I cannot find anywhere to buy it online?

I’m thinking of putting a Nyko Zoom over the kinect backwards but I have no idea of how this would effect the optics if the infra red emitter and receiver?

in theory the right pair of lenses should work well, but I really think you’ll need to experiment and see what happens