Incorporate OF into an existing C++ application/codebase

I don’t have the programming vocabulary to describe what it is that I want, so bear with me. Essentially, I’d like to take an existing C++ application that has a codebase on GitHub that does some network stuff that OF can’t do, that usually runs from the command line, and drop that into an OF project so that I can have an OpenGL window pop up that does some animation while the network program does its thing.

I’ve successfully compiled the other application using cmake, but I don’t really know how to go about compiling it as part of an OF application. I need some high level, general guidance to get started. Maybe some things to look out for. Is it as simple as dragging in the src files and going for it?

It depends on the complexity of the network project. but if you said you used cmake i guess its quite big. if your network project can run from command line why not calling it from openframeworks with ofSystem(yourOtherAppCall)?